Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Later Than Usual

It's Mardi Gras today, and I celebrated by taking down my Christmas Village (and putting away the stockings)
In my defense, we were calling it a winter village, and since we have had more snow than there has been in a century, it seemed appropriate to keep it up.
I probably wouldn't have taken it down today if we hadn't needed to move it off the lid of our piano while it was being tuned.

So, Merry Christmas and a solemn and reflective Lent to you all.


  1. Ha! You definitely just made me feel better about the fact that I have taken down valentines day yet. (Also, love the banner pic. Not sure when you put it up but I just noticed it.)

  2. Ah, the ding, ding, ding of a piano tuner. I studied it once - just enough to know how to tune my own piano. But then I moved across the ocean. Good bye Minnesota winters!

  3. i keep my Christmas cards up til Easter because i love them so much