Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge - Spring Edition

Elsie Marley is hosting a Kids Clothing Week again the second week of May.
Even with the inordinate amount of sewing that I have been up to lately, the kids could still use some spring/summer wear.
They have both done lots of growing since the last couple of KCWCs, so I am quite excited to join in!
In addition to clothes, both of the kids need new accessories for the Fall. The Elder needs another new backpack, and she has the fabric all picked out, and the Younger needs a lunch box.

What fun! Now, to plan...


  1. i was thinking about this & wondering when it would be ~ thanks for letting me know :)
    i've taken note & look forward to it

  2. thanks for the 411... though i fear that i will not get to sew along this year. i will be past due with baby #3 then. cannot wait to look around your blog, though!

    happy weekend to you!