Friday, April 26, 2013

Unintentional Adventure

This morning I had a little adventure. When I say little, it was actually much more of an adventure than I had planned, but still little compared to, say, camping or kayaking down the Mississippi.
I went to my favorite spot in Saint Paul this morning, and I noticed that the trails were a little too muddy to do any exploring (since I had The Youngest in the Ergo).
I decided I would just take a seat on a nearby rock and listen to the waterfall and photograph the scenery.
After I took the photo above, my phone tumbled end over end down into the gully.
Well, I climbed down to get it, it had fallen about 10 feet, and when I got down there I couldn't climb back up! It was just too muddy and the leaves were quite slimy under my feet.
There was nothing for it, I had to climb down and come back up the other side.
If you look carefully, you can see the path above where I slid down on my behinder. I thought about grabbing a loose hunk of limestone to use as a sled, but in the end it was just me and my jeans.

So, across the stream I went, over this log bridge,
 up the stone steps,
 past the ever-lovely Shadow Falls,
 up the second flight of stone steps,
 and up through the brush to the street level.
The park is about 3 blocks deep, and as I was traveling around the outer edge of it, I saw this much easier pathway in. Perhaps next time...
What unintended adventures have you had lately?

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  1. What an exciting adventure! I'm glad you dropped your phone down the ravine instead of the baby!