Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank You and a Finished Product

Thanks to you all for your kind comments on this little sweater. 
Last night I was able to finish it up while waiting for the laundry machines to run their cycles. 
It was a little late, but totally worth it.
I redrew the robot chart to be more in scale with the other patterns. It did still come out a little long, but I'm calling it a tunic right now, and then she can grow into it.

Next on my list is some customer work, but before that can happen I have to organize this awful basket mess.
In the aftermath of leaving my knitting teaching job I let my knitting materials get totally and completely disorganized. 
Urgh, not looking forward to that!

Thanks again for the lovely words of encouragement!


  1. The length doesn't look too off, and given how fast children grow it's no bad thing to have a bit of extra length!

    Oh dear at your knitting basket. Maybe you need some project bags to keep everything separate?

    1. It was half full of my circular needles too! Such a mess :) It didn't actually take that long to organize, and I got inspired to go through a couple of other project bags. Only 15 more to go...

  2. Oh I think it turned out darling! I like tunic length sweaters on kids, they look cozy, and gives them room to grow. So beautiful. Good luck with your knitting tangle- been there!!

  3. Love it! I like to make my handmade items a little big on purpose (for the kiddos at least) that way they can wear them for a long time. :-) Looks fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing at the Yarn Fanatic Party!