Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Keeping Calm and Yarning Along

After I discovered my sleeve sadness on Sunday I ripped out the offending knitting. Thanks to a relatively light day, schedule-wise, I reknitted it Monday.
Once it was finished I compared the new sleeve to the other and realized that I really wasn't giving this sweater my full attention since I had not followed the directions for increases.
 So I ripped out the first sleeve too and am about a fifth of the way through it.
The 90 degree weather yesterday, also the fact that it was the last day of school, kept me from making too much progress, but since this is really a late fall sweater I have lots of time.
I started reading Dead Wake, the story of the sinking of the Lusitania. It's an interesting story so far, but the kids have commandeered the Kindle and I haven't gotten very far.
Joining Nicole and Ginny today


  1. My husband used to ask me, "are you knitting or unknitting?" If I answered "unknitting" - he knew not to disturb me. :)
    The pattern does look a bit intimidating-but wonderful!

  2. Oh yuck what a pain to discover your mistake so close to the end. Hope the sleeves knit up quickly for you :) The pattern looks gorgeous

  3. It can be frustrating to reknit (or in my case recrochet) something, but it's so worth it when the project is done! (Hopping by from Yarn Along.)