Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweater Dress for the Youngest

In an effort to tidy the house we packed away the bulk of my yarn and fabric. In the limited supply that remained to me when I was looking for something to do with my hands yesterday I found an unfinished project for The Youngest.
I started this little dress last year, and then the yarn got into a terrific tangle (probably helped along by the tiny recipient).
I honestly can't remember what yarn I used for it. Maybe Pediboo? Whatever it was, it was getting discontinued at The Yarnery.
Last night at a knitting gathering I spent about two and a half hours straightening out the mess, and was able to get going again.
The dress was for last Christmas but now it'll be for this Christmas and probably as more of a tunic, since she will just keep on growing...
I was inspired by a Dale of Norway dress that I saw made up at Steven Be in Minneapolis, but I'm cheap, so I winged the pattern. I was casting about for a border for the hem and found Cinderella Dress from Fairy Tale Knits, which has a garter and eyelet border. Love it.
So, now I am knitting that border, and it should be finished within the week. (hopefully, since I am almost out of yarn)
As I am looking at it, I wish the skirt was a lot fuller, and the bodice was a little smaller.
Also, the original dress had a reverse stockinette bodice and then switched to stockinette for the body which is what I did, but I'm not loving how it looks. It's too roll-y up-y.
Hrm, now I think I want to rip it and start again.
It would certainly extend the usefulness of the yarn as a tool to keep my hands and mind off the last few weeks of house sale stuff. I'll see how the mood strikes me.
This has been your visit with the hemming and hawing side of Jess' inner thoughts.
Are you all more decisive when it comes to knitting projects? or are you like me and go back and forth about plans and modifications?


  1. Cute!

    I tend to commit to my knitting plans, but I do end up second guessing my math quite a lot.

  2. Love the tunic, I tend to stick to plans but am not adverse to modifying as I go.