Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A New Sweater

I cast on a new sweater on Sunday with the yarn I have been spinning, and I am slowly making my way through it.
There are 6 colors of yarn here, three from a pack that was graciously gifted to me by a friend, one natural grey sheepy's fleece, one natural white sheepy's fleece, and the green is hand-dyed with marigold. I am excited to see how it develops. The plan is to use all of the colors in a Icelandic-inspired yoke.
First I have lots of plain body to knit, and that should be a nice calming activity while I am still processing the election.
What's on your needles?


  1. that is going to be a gorgeous knit!

  2. This sounds like a lovely idea and the different colours and textures will look beautiful together!
    It has been very cold and frosty around here lately and I'm still busy knitting mittens for all - family and friends :-) it is so much fun!