Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Flurry of Back to School Sewing

So, this little peanut will be starting Kindergarten in about a month, and what's a crafty girl to do, but go into major dress production? 
I was flipping through the top children's fashion sites and saw this adorable dress from Mini Boden 
and thought to myself "Self, you can make that!'
So I grabbed a pattern for a basic jumper and added a face and ears. 
The mouse came out so cute, I let her pick out fabric for a cat.
 I had this knit dress cut out for about a year, so I finished that one up.
The original jumper pattern had a version with this faux Peter Pan collar, so I did one in this amazing Space Baby fabric. When I saw it in the shop I audibly gasped. I had made an outfit for The Elder when she was 6 months old (that particular lady is 13 now!)
Also on the Mini Boden site there were a lot of applique dresses and so I tried that too.

I still have a few more things up my sleeves, we'll see how many I finish up.
The Youngest is also my Last, so I feel a little extra pressure to get these made before she decides that she doesn't want homemade clothes anymore.
Joining Nicole for KCCO this morning

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  1. That dress is too cute. The ears just kill me! Wish I had your sewing skills.