Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I have been having a terrific day.
The Hubster and myself woke up with the sun, about 7 or so, and the kids came in about a half-hour later.
We went down and enjoyed our orgy of opening presents, Santa was particularly super to me, and after breakfast we spent some time with my family.
Not only did Santa come and bring presents, but he invited a certain President-Elect over for a visit as well!He's there in front of the big green one at the back.
I haven't been able to post pictures of the gifts I made for my mom and my sister, but they have them now so here goes.
My sister asked for grey cabled legwarmers, so I got to work.The yarn is Prime Alpaca and the pattern is one I made up using a chart from Viking Patterns for Knitting by Elsebeth Lavold.

For my Mom I got to build her a tool box.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I am in the best most kick-butt crafty mom group ever. (My sister agrees, this was her card to me.)Every week we choose a craft and about a month ago, our craft was woodworking.
One of my friends is married to a fantastically talented carpenter who was very generous with his talent and time and designed and helped us all to build tool boxes.
Michael cut the dovetail joints and routed out a groove for the base and we all got to use his tools to saw and sand to do most of the rest of it.
It was the best time I have ever had at craft night.

The wood is cherry and the finish is mineral oil and beeswax.
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

We spent some quality time with my in-laws this evening and had a lot of fun.
The greatest Christmas miracle of all was that we got to see all of the siblings on one day.
My sister and the Hub's sister both live out east, and my brother and I don't see each other too often, so this was a good day for us.

I leave you with some comforting images of the season.
Christmas isn't Christmas without sitting before the Yule Log...

I hope that your day was as full of fun and family as mine,


  1. What a beautiful tool box! The dovetail joints are so well done and the handle looks as though it must be nice to just carry it around.

  2. looks like you had a wonderful christmas! we sit in front of the yule log, too! :)

  3. Glad you all had a great Christmas. We love the yule log, too!