Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning Ride

I woke with the sun this morning.
I had enough time before the husband left for work to squeeze in a bike ride.
I rode about 7 miles, and felt pretty fantastic for the most part.
We live on a bluff over the Mississippi River, and there is a lovely trail along the river that is just my speed; pretty flat, nice views lotsa trees.
I brought along my camera but I was enjoying the ride so much I didn't take many pictures.
I did take this one of Harriet Island toward the end of my ride.

The way back, however, is a little hairy.
As I said, I live up on the bluff, so there is a very steep and winding road back to my street.
I found myself unequal to the task of riding up the hill, and when I looked over and saw these

I thought, I could probably carry my bike up those stairs.

Well, I thought again, and instead, I pushed my bike up the side of the hill alongside the stairs.

So I got in some great exercise and a little mountain-climbing adventure thrown in to boot.

Have a good morning out there yourselves!


  1. what a great ride. one of these days we should meet and bike along the river. if I ever have a day where I don't have a zillion things to do...

  2. We've been getting in some bike rides, too. I'm with you - straight and flat, please!

  3. How energising to enjoy such a picturesque ride. have a great day.