Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am teaching a kids fiber camp at the Yarnery all this week.
It's just me, 6 girls and a mountain of yarn, roving and felted sweaters until Friday.
This is the third year that we have held this camp and I always enjoy planning out the activities for the ladies.
We have already dyed yarn with Kool-Aid, made needle toppers with Sculpey, covered notebooks with pieces of felted sweaters, and one girl taught herself to needle felt in 3 dimensions.
I will bring my camera along today to document these wonderful projects, be prepared to be dazzled.

To digress, last night was T-Ball night, and I got to go see my Elder Hug-a-Bug play.
As we were leaving to go to the field the weather sirens started blaring.
So, everybody back in the house, check the weather websites, only a thunderstorm.There wasn't any lightning or much thunder so I thought we could still make it to T-Ball.
It rained for about 15 minutes, but by game time it had stopped.

The crowd of players was thinned by the bad weather, but we still had enough Red Sox to cover the bases and I think everyone had a ton of fun.
By the time we were leaving the storm had totally passed by and we had actual blue sky for sunset.


  1. My mom is about to be laid off from her job. I've been encouraging her to teach knitting again. This sounds like fun!