Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Mosaic

Here I am, a couple of days late, to show the photos from my February installment of the 365 project.

1. Rosemary, 2. Holes, 3. He saw his shadow, 4. Color Consult, 5. Waiting for Her Turn, 6. Cinnamon Swirl Bread, 7. All Gussied Up, 8. This Year's Easter Dress?, 9. Juggling, 10. Nighttime reading, 11. Detail, 12. My Favorite Lunch, 13. Valentiney Cupcake, 14. Kitties, 15. Art, 16. Snowy, 17. Knitting, Watching the Olympics, 18. Work in Progress, 19. Rosemary Bread, 20. Thaw, 21. patchwork scarf finished, 22. Trying to get rid of this dresser, 23. Valentine to my Daughter, 24. Isn't this 15 inches yet?, 25. Look at the Puffer Fish, 26. Illicit House Showing Photo, 27. Building a House from a Vacuum Box, 28. Good Morning


  1. I love your photo mosaics. I have no idea how you do them though. And great pictures, you have an eye for photography.

    X X

  2. hi! i'm new to your photographs...but i'm loving what i's so nice to see the month in a mosaic :)