Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have been spending a lot of time in my kitchen lately.
Not doing thisso much as lots of this

Unfortunately, I also have this to show for it, which I don't have to wear all the time, but should wear more than I do.
It just gets in the way when I am doing what I would rather be doing like this
and this
Anything new and exciting out there for you all?


  1. nuthin' exciting from me! i've been working. and working. and not much playing. but now that spring/warm weather is here, i hope to balance the work/life thing a little better!

  2. What a cute dino and the kitchen is looking great! The only excitement in this realm is my parents. As for myself, I'm feeling like a big slacker.

  3. Uh-oh, is that carpal tunnel in your wrist? I had it bad when I was pregnant with Juliet, and then it just disappeared after she was born. I still feel it sometimes, and it's when my fingers fall asleep when I'm trying to knit. And are you putting in a new kitchen floor, DIY style?? Wow!

  4. Hi All,
    I actually sprained my tendon in my wrist.
    It doesn't hurt all the time, but the doctor suggested that I wear the brace for a couple of weeks to give my wrist a rest.
    We had the kitchen flooring ripped up a couple of weeks ago, and then I spent a week scraping up old adhesive.
    I think we're going to put a coat of polyurethane over the existing Finished Maple Floor that was under the 5 layers of linoleum, plywood and vinyl.

  5. I do like natural wood so your kitchen is looking great to me! Especially that floor, it's amazing!

    When i had tennis elbow last year the doctor told me not to bend my wrist back which is easier said than done. One of those wrist supports would have been handy! Hope your wrist feels better soon.

    X X