Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Trip

Last night the Hubby asked me if we shouldn't take a trip out to Walnut Grove today, since they have a Laura Ingalls festival during the month of July every year.
So this morning we packed the kids into the car and drove out west.
There was a charming fair with a real blacksmith, and activities for the kids.
The Laura Ingalls Museum was full of artifacts from the time period, things which actually belonged to Laura and her family, and a ton of TV memorabilia since the show was set in Walnut Grove.

The dugout mentioned in On the Banks of Plum Creek is about a mile out of the main part of town, on the property of a local farmer.
The site is there, though it's little more than a slope in the side of the hill. The Elder was disappointed that there wasn't more of it, but after all it has been about 140 years since the Ingalls lived there.
The kids did get a thrill from actually going into Plum Creek.

I was very glad to have made the trip in our car, however, as it would have taken us 5-6 days in a covered wagon.


  1. Well, that's just down right fun. I wonder if I could get Seth to listen to the books? It doesn't have a rocket it in or a superhero, so I have my doubts.

  2. would it really have taken 5-6 days by covered wagon ?? wow ! transportation has gotten a lot faster !
    i would like to go visit all this one day... when my daughter is older & after we've read all the books together...
    thanks for sharing !

  3. Did they get leeches? I think that was the part I remembered most about Laura wading in Plum Creek. That and flowers called flags which confused me at first. What a fun day!

    I think in one of the books it also mentioned Laura walking beside the wagon because her legs were getting cramped, which made me realize how slow they actually went.

  4. I was a little worried about the leeches, but the spot where she got them was stagnant water and the current was moving along pretty well where we were by the dugout.

    One of the displays stated that a covered wagon could drive 15-20 miles a day, our car trip was at least 100 miles. No wonder their dog Jack could walk under the wagon the whole way.

  5. what a fabulous trip! how is that i haven't ever been to walnut grove, having grown up in minnesota and loving laura ingalls wilder's work? i must remedy that.

  6. I would looove to do that someday!!! I love seeing your photos and having a visual image to pair with the stories.

  7. I've never been to Walnut Grove myself, but now I for sure want to take a day trip there with the family, perhaps this Fall. Looks like you all had a good time!