Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey all.
Those of you who live in Minnesota will know this already, but it SNOWED yesterday.
This would be a fine way to spend a Saturday, if we had not planned a birthday party for a certain 7-year-old for yesterday afternoon.
We went ahead with a much-reduced guest list, only those 2 girls who could walk across the street to come, and it worked out just fine; quieter, calmer, more like a playdate.
The snow didn't stop until late last night and in the end we got about 16 inches.Good thing my lovely husband decided to buy a snowblower in anticipation of the storm, which has been called Snowmaggedon, Snowpocalypse, SnowMyGod and Snownami, depending on who you ask.
The temperature has dropped dramatically, and if I hadn't been working pretty hard to dig my car out of the snowbank to make way for the plows, I would have been really cold.
The lovely blue sky has made up for that somewhat.
It certainly is the biggest snowfall that I have seen since high school.
Ask anyone who lived here in 1991, and they'll tell you their story of the Big Halloween Blizzard.
Now my kids will have a great story about the Big Snow of 2010, when it was the Elder's birthday and we had to walk through knee-high snow to get our friends.


  1. whoa, that's a lot of snow. I always love the way the snow looked when it 's freshly plowed from sidewalks.

  2. So fun, huh? We're taking turns shoveling and waiting to be plowed out.

  3. So sorry about her birthday party! Glad everyone stayed safe though.

  4. Stay safe and warm up there in the frozen north.

  5. ...and there's more to come on Thursday I hear! But hey, that's what winter in MN is supposed to be all about, right?

  6. Hi!
    I remember the Halloween Blizzard of '91! I was a senior in high school - Jackson, MN, back then.
    I moved away and haven't lived there since...

    Latvia is a lot like northern Minnesota - flat, LOTS of lakes, and trees. Only difference is the bay. I love hearing the ocean waves on breezy summer days.

    Anyway, nice to meet you. We've got a few more things in common, it looks like. I was a music teacher here and in Morocco before changing into a stay at home mom.

    Drop me a line sometime!

  7. we're STILL digging out! the plows keep coming through and blocking the path to the street!

    i love that last photo so much! the sun shinning so brightly makes all this "pre-winter" snow seem so cheerful

    (sorry about the birthday party...we sadly had to miss attending one making all so terribly sad here!)