Saturday, December 25, 2010

Making Merry

Thank you all for your lovely comments about this sweater on Wednesday. They made my day!

Here it is finished. I may add sleeves at some future point, but in the interest of time I made the executive decision to make it a vest.

When I saw this a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I had to make it for the Elder.
In true Jess fashion, I procrastinated until the very last minute and I didn't start her until Thursday night.
Last night there were two services at church and I knew I would have a 3 hour window between them, so I did all of the machine sewing yesterday morning, and I (mostly) finished her up there.My ringlets came out a little wonky, but overall I am pretty pleased with the look.
She came home without legs, and I think I should redo the eyes, I didn't have access to the online photo of Clara, so I just made her face up.
Anyway, I stuffed and attached her legs last night/this morning, and I got a good start on the Nutcracker. Unfortunately I didn't get to his legs, so, for now at least, he is a finger puppet.
That story went over o.k., so I might not have to go further with him.
I should, however, get going on Clara's ballet slippers. Those shouldn't take too much time, and I think they'll complete her outfit nicely.

Happy Christmas to those who Christmas, and Happy Weekend to those who don't!

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