Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sewing With Kids Week, part 2

Another large part of the work I did at the school this week was these quilt squares.
I have 25 here, and there are still probably about 15 more to come.
My idea for this was flora and fauna of Saint Paul.
So we have a fox, a heron, a cardinal, squirrel, oak leaf, acorn, maple leaf and maple samara (which I recently learned is the real name of the helicopter seed).

You can see that they had some great attention to detail (these letters notwithstanding). They chose their own colors and stitches. Again, they could choose from a running stitch, a wrapped running stitch, a back stitch or stem.
Mostly they used back and wrapped running stitches.
These are so sweet, I love the expressions on the faces of the animals. Each one has a different personality.
For the transfers our helper mom printed out my images on parchment paper in an inkjet printer and simply ironed them on the muslin.
She got 4 transfers per sheet.
By far the most popular square was the cardinal, with the oak leaf pulling up dead last.
We got through the first 32 squares, and the kids wanted to do more, so I ended up tracing 10 or so more with pencil.
A couple of the kids were so excited about the stitching that after they finished their first square they took a plain square and drew their own image to stitch.
Now to get the rest of the squares (some were not quite finished, so I'll gather them at the end of next week) and pull the 25 nicest and stitch up a quilt.
I am so excited to share the finished projects with the kids. They have so much to be proud of here.

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  1. Fun project! So great that they got so enthuse and made the blocks their own!