Monday, December 31, 2012

What I Made in 2012

Well, here it is December 31st, time for the retrospective of the year.
This post will be dedicated to things that I made in 2012. 
I was feeling a little unproductive, so it's nice to see that I did actually finish something this year. Unfortunately, as I look at this mosaic I also see some things that I did not finish (the granny square afghan), or finished and took out (the blue vest with the lace yoke), or finished and then it broke (the Hello Kitty backpack), or finished and then never learned to use properly (the spinning wheel).
Even with all of those less-than-successful items on the list, the most successful was the sweet Youngest up there in row 2 in the right-most photo. I can safely blame any unproductive time on the hours upon hours of baby-worship that went on this year.
What great things happened to and for you in 2012?


  1. happy 2013 ~ hope it is filled with lots of knitting, crochet, sewing for you :)

  2. You were busy! And I was going to say, you made a baby, so that really makes up for any unfinished projects!