Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teacher Gifts

A high-school friend of mine is a jewelry making maven, and she posted the link to a tutorial for these bracelets the other week.
Since I have already made The Younger's teacher all of my go-to gifts over the past 2 years that The Elder had her, I thought it would be fun to try something new this time around.
I went to a local bead shop (which I just learned a couple of days ago is our only local bead shop as the other one closed in January, boo) and got the materials.
The Younger and the Elder both chose a few beads to add as embellishment and The Elder and I whipped these up last night.
These were so easy that I as a complete jewelry-making novice, and The Elder, a 9-year-old, were able to make totally presentable gifts.
They were quite appealing to The Youngest as well, here she is 'helping; with our photo shoot.

They were so fun and easy, I made a third one, and then another bracelet for myself and with the extras I made this super simple necklace


  1. Oh. Hooray! Those turned out amazing! I'm so glad you liked the post! It's particularly great that the kids made the bracelets. That's so memorably sweet!