Monday, October 14, 2013

Mama Had a Little Lamb

I hope your fall is glorious where you are, out there in internet land, because it's sublime here. 
Perfect for a walk around the lake,

or through our neighborhood. (a Halloween costume is a great substitute for a warm sweater in a pinch)

In other news - 
This little lady is the joy of my day-to-day.
She is now eighteen months old. 
There is so much happening.
New foods (she loves chicken soup with rice), new friends, lots and lots of new words.
The other night while I was attempting to start night-weaning I held her close and said "Now it's time to get into your cribby, are you ready?" 
Her reply - "No: Hug, Milk"

It's going to be a grand thing when she is finished up with that 2 AM feeding.
I haven't slept through the night in about 19 months, and it's starting to affect my work.

Be well, friends.

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