Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crafting On

Joining Nicole for Crafting On, the work in progress edition.
I found this quilt while tidying up the sewing area, and so the most logical thing to do was pull it out and work on it, rather than continuing to tidy.
This project is probably about 5 years old. I have been hand-quilting along the borders, and I was able to make some progress this week, I only have the Southeast states left. 
While I was out running errands, The Youngest decided to get in on the party and decorated a few states in the Baker Man. I think the ink will come out, I found a couple of tips for getting stains out of cotton, I'll let you know if they work...
About a month ago I saw an article about handmade Christmas presents on Poppytalk, and one was a DIY Ukulele kit.
I immediately decided that The Younger needed a uke. His big sister plays many instruments, and I thought he might like one of his own.
As it turned out, The Elder was really excited about the uke and The Younger was luke-warm.
The Elder and I have been building it, with design input from The Younger, and we're about halfway through.

Perhaps when he has his completed flaming ukulele he'll be more into it.
What's on your creative to-do-list today?
Joining Nicole.


  1. That quilt is so neat! And great job on the ukelele.

  2. That Ukelele Rocks! Seeing your map fabric reminds me that I have that same map in a box. Never touched. Perhaps I'll take it out next school year when the kids and I do US history.....