Thursday, December 26, 2013

In Memoriam and a Christmas Miracle, also 51/52

The past few months have seen the passing of many of our appliances, and I wanted to memorialize them here.
Goodbye Microwave, Grill, Washing Machine, replacement Washing Machine, Humidifier, Space Heater, Phone and Glasses.
It was getting a little dire around here, as though we had a curse of some sort, but I think the Universe was just making room in our lives and hearts for something that had been missing.
My Camera had been hiding for the past 11 months, and my dear Hubby found it on Christmas Eve. 
Just in time to record the exciting Christmas Morning.
 Lego time!
 The Elder enjoying the new set of blocks, while The Youngest supervises.
 The Youngest can now say chocolate with perfect precision.
 For real, it's all about the Legos with The Younger.
We had a couple of delightful days full of family and music and so many toys with so many pieces, it may never get tidy around here...
One thing I can highly recommend is that you make up some marshmallows, (it's really easy, I promise) and then toast them over the stove the next day. 
That is some good eatin'
Happy Solstice, Christmas, etc...
After my phone died, I didn't take any photos for the 52 weeks project, but I'll count these as my week 51. 
Joining Jodi for 52 portraits.

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