Monday, April 6, 2015

Free Ners Old

Actually, she can say three years old, but her older sister couldn't at this age, and I kind of miss that stage of baby speak.
Because, this tiny person is now three years old!

The Youngest is growing every day.
She loves to read books and sing songs and play dolls.
She loves to climb and run and throw.
She is right on track, developmentally speaking, for the perfect amount of 3-year-old sass.

I'm feeling a little wistful this morning.
I'll never have such a tiny baby again.
It's the end of one chapter, but the continuation of the rest of the parenting story.
The Elder is heading to Middle school in the fall, The Younger is growing more mature every day and then one more year with The Youngest at home before she is school-bound.
It's the blink of an eye.

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