Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kid Stuff

Last summer when we looked at our new house for the first time we were struck by how much storage there was. Closets, and cubbies, and built-ins and more tucked away spaces than anyone would imagine.
When I saw this grubby spot under the stairs in our basement my first thought was "What a great spot for a reading nook!"
Then I took a breath, and realized it would take some serious doing, and I relegated the space to storage.
Flash forward six months, and I am finally getting serious about my crafting/sewing space which abuts the cubby under the stairs. 
I put out a call on facebook for friends who would like to help me clear out and organize and my lovely friends have been coming over to give advice and sort fabric and all sorts of things. It's been great.
When I confessed my reading nook dream to my friend she encouraged me to go for it. So, I moved the storage out, painted everything a nice, clean, just off-white, and filled the space with pillows and a leftover crib mattress.

It's just as I imagined it, and has kept The Youngest occupied for hours on end already.
The other thing making me unreasonably happy are these puzzles that the church cleared out this week.
I think the reason they got the boot is that the pieces don't have peg handles for the toddlers to assemble, and the older kids don't really do puzzles in Sunday School.
They're mostly from the 60s and 70s and they are spectacular.
What's new at your house?


  1. What a great job on the reading nook. I would have lived there if I'd had such a place when I was a kid!

  2. What an amazing transformation! It looks so cozy now. Very fun idea and I'm sure your daughter is in 7th heaven.