Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Knitter's Children Have No Scarves (until today).

When one lives in Minnesota, there are a few givens.
Friendly people, lots of knitting shops, disappointing sports teams (too soon?) and it gets pretty cold up here.
Since one knows it's going to get cold, one might assume that all of one's children have warm weather gear. 
Unfortunately, this knitter hadn't made scarves in a while and The Youngest was without one of her own. Since I had so much fun with these stockings and I wanted to make it as appealing as possible to wear, I covered her neck warmer with pink hearts.
Everything is from my stash, the pink and white are pure alpaca (so cozy) and the lining is cotton. 
I was very methodical at the beginning, I increased the number of stitches when I changed to stranded knitting to compensate for the snugging up that happens when you have yarn pulled behind. By the end of the project, though, I forgot that particular step and didn't decrease back down. So, the top is a little poofier than I would like, but it'll keep her warm. 
Yesterday was negative 6 at the bus stop, and today won't be much better. 
I don't think she'll actually go outside today, as it happens. But, if she does, her neck will be very warm.

Joining Nicole this morning. 
What's on your needles today?


  1. Oh, I laughed so hard when I read "disappointing sport teams"! It's so true. Very cute cowl. It reminds me of the sweaters from the early eighties.

  2. Oh that does look fabulously snug - and definitely something that will be needed before the winter's out!

  3. ooo doesn't that look cosy and warm, love it

  4. That looks gorgeous and will definitely keep her cosy.

  5. I bet your daughter is thrilled with the cowl. It is just darling.
    It's been in the single digits here, too. We teachers are hoping for a couple snow or cold days, but it hasn't gotten that cold yet.