Monday, September 26, 2016

This One's for You, Aunt Judy

There's a local florist here called Bachman's and a few times a year they decorate a house on their property for the different seasons. 
These are some highlights from this year's Idea House, as requested by my Auntie.
The craft room was my favorite. Very bright and so organized! I could see doing some of these things in my own crafting space. 

I especially loved how they used this collection of random cabinets and bookshelves to make a wall of storage. Look at the one leg they used to prop up the brown cabinet on the right, so inventive!
 Those valences are aprons, so sweet.
 Outside in the back yard shed they built a bar, complete with a beer bottle wreath.
 The brick is wallpaper, it really gave a pub-like feel to the place.

 A red and white bedroom (which didn't do much for me, honestly)

 Since Halloween will soon be upon us, there are silly little surprises like this one scattered about.
 A neutral cooler toned bedroom. I loved that tree painting.

The wallpaper in the office was charming.

 This desk was a huge shadowbox, with different books and things under the glass.

Outside in the garage they had a bunch of cute Halloween stuff, though I didn't get many photos of that for some reason.
 Here's my adorable mom in her adorable sweater, which she knit.
 And here we are trying and failing to take a selfie.

Oh well, here you go Aunty Judy, I know how you love updates from the Idea House!

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  1. In each selfie picture you guys took, I see every selfie I have ever attempted! Beautiful fam