Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Knitting and Yarn

When I was in third grade a spinner visited our class at school. She brought carding combs and a spinning wheel and showed us how to process the fleece and how to spin.
I was fascinated, and my whole life I have been waiting for the time when I could afford my own wheel and learn to spin.
A couple of weeks ago I found what may have been a decorative spinning wheel at a yard sale,
though I think I may be able to make it work. I posted about it on the facebook and a delightful former co-worker was amazing enough to lend me a spinning wheel that actually works

and since then I have been working on my spinning technique. It's not too easy, but I am loving it.
She also let me raid her fiber stash and gave me almost a pound and a half of roving.
I love it so much, I think I will try to make a sweater from it. I have to keep practicing on something not so gorgeous as this Blue-faced Leister silk blend before I attempt it, so first I practiced on some fleece from my farmer friend (Lydia's Flock on instagram)

The yarn is pretty inconsistent,
but I was able to knit from it. In fact I made an ear warmer from a three ply bulky.
(Someday, in the future, I will learn to take not silly selfies...)
In other non-spinning and yet still knitting news, I have almost finished my first sleeve on my Twig and Willow sweater.
I finished up the body a few days ago and found some perfect buttons in my stash.
What's on your creative plate lately?
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  1. Spinning is wonderfully addictive! My wheel is currently in hibernation waiting for the babies to be big enough not to want to poke it!

  2. Great spinning! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, I wish I was getting as much done knitting-wise as you are!