Friday, August 21, 2020

New Niddy Noddy

So, I had this lovely old chair, which completely gave up the ghost. 
As I looked over its sad bits and pieces I had a brainstorm: How about trying to make a Niddy Noddy?!

I pulled three rungs out of the legs and got to work. 

First I gave everything a quick clean with a steel bristle brush, then a cursury sanding.

I have a mini vise table, which came in super handy.

I lucked out with these rungs, they had a center ridge so I had a super easy place to drill.

I have some larger drill bits, but none were exactly the same size of the third rung of my niddy noddy, so I had to whittle down the end.

The construction of a niddy noddy is very simple. two perpendicular ends and a central piece. 

This was the original mock up, and it wasn't super easy to remove the hank of yarn. I decided that the ends were too long,

Back to the woodshop area, and I trimmed off the end inch or so on each rung, and sanded it down. 
I also gave everything a coat of spoon oil. 

Here's the final(ish) form of the Niddy Noddy. The only thing I don't love about this version is the finish from the original chair which is imbedded in the grooves. I could certainly get it out with a lot of elbow grease, but this was a fun project just for me so I may just overlook the gunk.

It works!


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