Friday, August 21, 2020

Shave 'Em 2 Save 'Em, Chapter 4: Gulf Coast Native

Way back in July I ordered some Gulf Coast Native fiber from Pioneeer Fiber Mill. As I was knitting, I thought it would be fun to try some natural dyeing. I was inspired by Marce at Hey BrownBerry to try out some avocado pits and skins.
The dye comes out very pink!

To make more of a variated color I left half of the yarn in the pot to get a little darker.

After I pulled out the yarn, I threw some older tea into the pot. It smelled amazing, the kids even remarked on the lovely aroma.

The tan above is the tea-dyed wool, and the pink is the avocado.

After spining, I threw about 70 yards into a dyebath of red wine (I keep trying to like wine, but I guess I'm just a whiskey/ginger ale kind of girl)
I was browsing through Ravelry for fair isle hats, and came across the Colours of Norway Hat by The Dutch Sheep
Her hat was rainbow, but I thought the natural ombre would work beautifully.

I ended up with plenty of extra yarn, so I whipped up some coordinating mitts.

I really enjoyed working with the Gulf Coast, it made very springy yarn. This combed top was really clean and free of vegetable matter.

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