Sunday, November 16, 2008

distraction du jour

One of the benefits of working at a fabric store or a yarn store is making models.

I really like to make models.

It gives me an opportunity to keep my hands busy and to try new things.

As I was flipping through the new Simplicity catalogue I saw two patterns that I have to make.

First, there is Simplicity 2867.

This is a fun and really inexpensive project.

To make a pair of booties you need a felt square, and two colors of embroidery floss.

I made this one last night while I was watching tv.

My next project is of great interest to the Elder Hug-a-Bug.
She loves to help me stuff and sew up seams.
I just have to choose the fabric.
She has chosen the puppy, and I like the horse.
We may have to make one of each.
I have to venture outside of the stash for this project, as I have realized that most of my fabric comes from the sale bin, and we don't have it at the store anymore.

Time for lunch,
See you soon,


  1. those are all darling! I can't wait to see the finished product of the animal ones!

  2. The booties you made are adorable! Both those patterns are great--wonder if Joann's is having a sale on Simplicity any time soon?

  3. I have those booties in my "Q" waiting to be made... Too bad I don't know who I'm making them for.

    How's B?

  4. Oh, super cute! And congrats on your Etsy website!