Monday, March 30, 2009


That is the sound of hand slapping forehead.
I grew up in the Twin Cities, and when I was 12 a fantastic Sculpture Garden was dedicated in Minneapolis.This spoon used to hold a giant cherry.
I don't know where the cherry went, does anyone out there?

Anyway, I have been to the sculpture garden under 5 times in my life.
This is dumb.
I took the Hug-a-Bugs there today and we had a barrel of fun.
Even with the chilly weather, they had a super time.

I like this one, it looks like a ball of yarn.
The garden is divided up into 'rooms' surrounded by 8-10 foot hedges.
The kids loved discovering what was in each new hedge room.
I had a lot of fun with the structure in this hedge room, it was a collection of walls some of which were made up of screen-like material and others of reflective glass.

All in all, a totally fun experience.
And there is on-the-street, 1 hour parking for free!

To continue our art theme, last Friday we made jigsaw puzzles.
I drew a picture of a castle surrounded by a moat and then I cut into about 16 pieces, and the Elder Hug-a-Bug thought the subject matter could be further explored.

I have to say, her puzzle is particularly challenging.
She cut it out herself, and there are a lot of pieces.
She did a fantastic job, no?

Hope you are having a good Monday,
please send dry thoughts to our friends in northwestern Minnesota and northeaster North Dakota.


  1. Best parks... Minnesota!
    Cold and all, I would love to be there visiting... Linden Hills and the Nature Center at Richfield Lake.
    I am sending dry thoughts.

  2. The cherry is in rehab and will return good as new!

  3. the cherry was taken down a few months ago so that they could refurbish it. It'll be back soon. Although rumor has it that this is the very first time they have removed the cherry from the spoon. Neat, I guess.

  4. If the cherry is in rehab, is the pond below it really filled with Southern Comfort? Love the puzzles and really we should probably join forces sometime with the kidlets.

  5. what a fabulous day for art! thx for reminding me about the sculpture garden, i am due for a visit!

  6. I've been there! Once, several years ago when I was in college. It reminds me of the wonderful weekend I had in the Twin Cities.

  7. That is one awesome garden! I especially love the leaping rabbit and the curvy spoon. What a fun place to visit!