Saturday, June 13, 2009


I missed my 300th post! so now here we are on the 301st post.

That seems like a lot. Whew.
Thanks for sticking with me for so long everyone.

I did some work on Siobhan today, and she has hair!
I didn't end up with the dark brown yarn hair. It was just too much contrast with her skin.
Instead, I used two colors of Naturespun Sport, a tan and a darker tan. It is almost the same color as my Elder Hug-a-Bug's hair.
The Younger saw it and said that he thought I was making a boy, and I should start on that right away, and, as I live to obey, I will start on that next.
Also, when I was at the store today I saw a newborn-sized sweater that I had knit for a class that was ready to come home. I tried it on the doll and it fits pretty well.

It's a little long in the sleeves, but I just rolled them up, and now she has half of an outfit. I started on some pants today, and I think they will be finished by tomorrow, so she will be all set to go out on the town.


  1. Okay, LOVE the hair (despite your departure from the ever-classic deep brunette tresses, but who am I to be partial...)!

  2. happy 301! i'm still drooling over your color wheel quilt...

  3. I love her hair, and happy 301st post to you!