Friday, June 5, 2009

I was dreaming when I wrote this-

Last night some friends and I kicked it old school.
I am talking really old.
We partied like it was 1899.

I attended my neighborhood ecfe class for 3 years, and was fortunate enough to have a superior teacher. This teacher is retiring after 30 years and as a thank you for her guidance, wisdom and patience many of the neighborhood families decorated fabric squares to put together as a quilt.

I wasn't able to be a part of ecfe this year, our schedule didn't allow for it, but I was happy to be able to help assemble the quilt for our wonderful teacher.

Last night I asked folks to come over and help out and we had an honest to goodness quilting bee at my house.

I even made lemon pound cake for the occasion.Our great-grandmothers probably did not have any beer or chips and guacamole when they had similar gatherings, but one must change with the times.
This quilt is so wonderful. I will post more pictures of the quilt when it is finished, the workmanship and love that went into each square is truly inspiring.


  1. Old school looks fun!

    And my hand is healing fine. Thank you for asking!

  2. I bet that was a fun time!

  3. Jess- It turned out lovely! It really was the icing on the cake for the party.

  4. sounds like my kind of fun. I actually have a knitting, sewing, margarita party planned very soon with some family and friends!