Monday, July 5, 2010

New Skirt

From Sew Liberated - Jersey Garden Skirt

The flowers are all made using reverse applique.
Meg has a great system for the technique involving freezer paper and tear-away stabilizer.
It worked great! And I got the whole skirt started and finished yesterday.
I didn't have enough fabric, so it's not as full as the one in the book, but it's so comfortable that I am choosing not to mind the clingy-ness on my derriere.


  1. Yay! Fun skirt. Is that applique along the bottom or a print on the fabric?

  2. Popping over from Made By You Monday.

    Your skirt is darling...there is nothing more comfortable that a jersey skirt is there?

    I have a couple of inexpensive skirts like yours from Old Navy. I am totally going to have to try the appliqué would turn a semi-boring skirt into an amazing one. Thanks for the idea!!!

  3. I'm impressed you got that made in one day -- in my mind it was a looooong project :) it's really beautiful! thank you for sharing!