Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today is my birthday, and I was able to pack as much good stuff into it as possible.
I was awakened in the early morn with a birthday song serenade out my window by my parents who came bearing a giant bouquet.
Then after a little time at work I came home, had a nap, and my hubby and the Elder and Younger and I went out for a little Five Guys and a walk through the park.
We saw trees,
walked a labyrinth
and took a paddleboat ride.
The Elder was in charge of avian documentation both through photography

and illustration.

Since I worked today, I didn't have time to make myself a birthday cake, so we hopped on over to the Mississippi Market to pick up some vegan chocolate cake and had our dessert out on the patio. (this photo features the aforementioned giant bouquet)

A pretty great day all around.
Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend everybody!