Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yarn Along

This week I have been clicking along on my Peasy, and I finished the knitting tonight.
The next big step is choosing buttons.
I am really happy with it. Just the right shade of green, the lace is delicate without being difficult, the weight of it is just right.
The only downside of finishing it right now is that it's 85 degrees during the day and I won't need to wear it for quite some time.
But, since fall/winter/spring cold weather lasts about 9 months, I shouldn't malign the nice weather while we have it.
I had a recommendation from a friend many months ago that The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane was a good read.
When we were at Half Price Books today I saw a copy and scooped it up.
The Elder and I devoured it this afternoon, despite the length, and I openly wept as I read it to her while sitting on our backyard swing.
I am quite sure the neighbors thought I was a little crazy.
This story is filled with loss, love, sadness and joy. The main character is a china rabbit toy who becomes lost and has some great and some difficult adventures.
Some parts of it were on the edge of what I like to expose my children to - a little girl dies, a boy is slapped by his father who drinks - but the whole thing is just so beautiful that I would absolutely recommend it to you out there in Yarn Along land, and it will surely become a favorite in our home.
I don't know what it is about rabbit stories, I seriously had trouble continuing to read this book through the tears and it's the same with The Velveteen Rabbit. Every time I read that one, even though I have known the story since my early childhood, I can't help falling apart when the bunny becomes real at the end.
And so, my soggy installment of Yarn Along comes to an end.
Head on over to Ginny's for more knitting and great books.


  1. Oh, yes, buttons are fun! Your peasy looks so nice and the best part it that you are happy with it! And what a nice wardrobe addition for fall.
    Thanks for sharing about the book. I've seen that one but haven't read it. Sheesh, I got crying reading Magic Treehouse recently so I don't know how I'll handle this one...

  2. I love your peasy sweater. Hope you find the perfect buttons. The book sounds like a great read. I cry so easily these days, I wouldn't have thought you crazy at all! Jacinta

  3. I had that book in my hand and put it back. Now I must go back to the bookstore and get it. The wee one here might be a little young for the story, but I can save it. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  4. I love button shopping! That's the one good thing the LYS has going for it.

    I love your peasy! I may need to consider making one for myself this year.

    I'm going to put the book you read onto my Nook today. It sounds just like the type of read I need right now.

  5. I get soggy when I read The Velveteen Rabbit, too.

  6. The sweater is lovely - and how cool that the colors match the book.

    Stopping in from Yarn Along. My link is http://blog.mymummyknits.com/yarn-along-26/

  7. Your sweater is coming along beautifully.
    Warm wishes,

  8. I always have a tough time choosing buttons, I look forward to seeing what you pick out!

  9. The author of your book, Kate DiCamillo, has also written a beautiful children's picture book. Great Joy is a Christmas story about a little girl and an organ grinder. My grand-daughter love the story.

    I had the good fortune to hear Kate DiCamillo speak at a conference.

    Your peasy sweater is lovely!

  10. Lovely cardigan! After my wedding knitting is finished I am hoping to try my hand at a cardigan for a first time; I will keep Peasy in mind. :)

  11. I get soggy over the Velveteen Rabbit too... Love the sweater!

    Blessings, Debbie