Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of School! Redux

The Elder started school last Tuesday, but in Saint Paul Kindergarten didn't start until yesterday.
So, here is the second first day of school photo.
The Younger was so excited to start!
He did really well - met some new friends, navigated the cafeteria like a pro, he is so ready!
Today, after a piano lesson, and before some more piano lessons, I have a few hours to relax, do some knitting and sewing that I have been putting off until I had some time, and maybe drink some tea.
What's on your agenda today?


  1. happy second first day of school !
    does your Kindergartener have all day? I assume yes due to the lunch box?
    do you teach piano? in your home?
    do you give your kids piano lessons?
    I want to teach my kids piano, but am having such a hard time starting, scheduling it & figuring that all out...

  2. Yay for another great first day!