Friday, September 2, 2011

Exploring Music

I am an old book junkie. I have been collecting old books and old sheet music since Jr. High.
The other day I was in search my old Beverly Cleary books in my parents' attic, and I came across this awesome book - Exploring Music.
The copyright is from 1975, but the book was originally published in 1966.
This is really much newer than the books I usually like to pick up. Most of my library is full of books from 1900-1945.
Anyway, I was hoping to find a song or two to sing with my children's choirs when we start rehearsing next Wednesday, and I found a treasure trove! There are great folk songs in here, along with some church-y stuff that wouldn't fly in today's school environment, but will be perfect to sing with the Alleluia choir.
Even better than the song selections contained within this lovely book are the illustrations -
These fashions! I think the Elder needs a sweater with an anchor on it!
And the Younger would look spectacular in a charming sweater vest!
Mostly, I just wish I had looked through this book when I was a musician at work in a music store! I would totally have had this made into a poster to hang above my work station.
Have you found any treasures in your attic lately?

p.s. Thank you all for your kind comments on the Hello Kitty Compromise! You're all the best!


  1. I usually fall hard for books like this, I love the illustrations and colors.

  2. I think I used a version of that book when I was in grade school....The title and picture look so familiar. (I was born in 1971...)