Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well this week certainly took a 180 degree turn from its wretched beginning.
The Younger's arm is healing nicely from his brush with hot soup, everyone's recovering from their personal walking pneumonias and we had a lovely Thanksgiving day beginning with breakfast with most of my family and dinner with most of the In-Laws.
To top that off we had a very nice time at our 20-week ultrasound where we learned that everything is growing the way it should, good looking heart and brain and all of the limbs are where they are expected to be.
Also we learned that I am carrying a girl-baby.
That led to a massive clean-out of boy baby clothes which we'll not need and so our house is a little neater too.
Another little excitement is that I figured out what to send to my Christmas Ornament swap partners, and got a really good start on those today.

Some of the Santa faces have kind of odd expressions, but I hope my partners like them anyway.
Enjoy the last moments of your holiday weekends, and I'll see you soon


  1. So glad to hear that the week took a turn for the better. I LOVE your little santa's!

  2. yeah to the 180 degree turn !!!
    Happy baby girl !!! Little baby girl things are so fun to knit !

    Well we have had a 180 degree turn, too... our in-laws who came for Thanksgiving from out of town gave us the gift of the stomach flu :(
    & it's hit us hard, 2 not in school today & hubby not at work today ! lovely !