Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Boogie-Woogie Flu

The Turkey-Day plans have been up in the air this year, until yesterday when it was finalized that we'll be dining at my husbands parents' house and we'll bring a veg and a dessert.
So, today I will make a trip to the grocery store (though not for Brussels sprouts which I was assured by my M-I-L "no one would eat")
While I am quite thankful for the many wonderful things in my life, not the least of which is my amazing family and extended family, I am not really looking forward to spending the next 2 days baking and cooking.
I should have prefaced that last thought, which I am sure had long-time readers gasping in horror, by saying that everyone is ailing at our house.
The suspicion of my doctor is that I have Whooping Cough, though when I took the Elder in to have her checked out for an identical cough her doc thought Walking Pneumonia was more plausible.
After the 2 trips to the clinic yesterday and 3 trips to the pharmacy for antibiotics for the Elder and myself, the Younger burned his arm pretty badly on hot soup from our take-out dinner. So a 4th trip to the pharmacy to get gauze pads and tape, and now he's on the mend as well.
Add to that a couple of disappointing days professionally this hasn't been the best week.
On the upside, we get to spend a couple of extra days together, since the kids were sent home from school yesterday just in case we do have whooping cough in the house, and I have had to cancel much of my work yesterday and today.
So now we have lots of extra time for some menu planning, some tea and knitting knitting knitting. Not to mention that I have some swap ornaments to whip up as well.
Another upside to this rather disappointing week is that I ended up with yarn for a new sweater for myself and it's the carrot on my work stick for after the Holiday fracas is finished.
Something tells me that this sweater
will be the perfect thing for long springtime walks with whomever comes to meet us in early April.
I wish the most wonderful Thanksgiving to you all, and I hope no-one out there has Walking Pneumonia, though I wouldn't mind the Booie-Woogie Flu ;)


  1. whooping cough while pregnant !?! you poor thing, I sure hope you recover very quickly !
    that sweater sure has a gorgeous back !!
    hoping your week gets better...

  2. Hope you're all on the mend soon. Thank goodness you're being "forced" to slow down--maybe you'll be able to actually enjoy all the holiday prep!

    Looks like a wonderfully cozy sweater!