Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Into the Woods

I had a pretty stressful last 4 days, and today I got an injection of calm when I went into the woods.
Some of my stressers were big (stolen bikes, work problems) and some were small and/or absurd (couldn't buy my groceries because my check card was in a different purse, couldn't collapse my stroller after a walk and had to drive the 10 blocks to my parents' house with the stroller in the front seat and the front door open) but all of it melted away when I got here and listened to the birds and the wind in the trees and smelled the river and the freshly growing green things all around.

I had this in my head while I was walking along, which seemed perfectly appropriate.

Just remember, someone is on your side.

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  1. Love those walks and glad we live close to all that beauty!