Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning Thoughts

When faced with the pile of laundry on the left and the adorable baby on the right, how does one choose?

So, we decided to take a walk.
My kangaroo pouch is in the wash, and she's not quite big enough for the ergo yet, so I was wondering if I should wrestle the stroller out, and wishing I had another option.
I started thinking about a moby wrap and how handy that would be, and did I have 4-6 yard of any fabric in my stash.
And then came my super brilliant idea of the day...
About 10 years ago I used to teach piano for a Pakistani family who would travel to visit relatives every year, and one year they brought me a couple of beautiful cotton saris.
I grabbed this one and wrapped us up and voila! It's beautiful, much cooler than the kangaroo, and she's evenly distributed. I also tried her face-out and it was a breeze.

So we took a lovely walk and my Youngest was able to look out at the world while we walked instead of being all scrunched up inside the sling.
I think she liked it.

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