Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yarn Along

I was able to make some progress with my knitting this week.
I finished the yoke of my Ariana Shell, and have started on the body.
This is a lovely pattern, though I am making a few changes as I go.
I thought the original shell was a little busy with lots of eyelets taking away from the beauty of the lacework yoke, so I did a different increase and I think I'll like it much better.

I'm still reading How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm, and I'm enjoying it.
This latest chapter has been about food, and how to encourage your children to love food, and make eating together a priority.
Tonight I was eating a late dinner after rehearsal and The Younger came down from his bedtime story and asked to share my kohlrabi slices dipped in olive oil and fresh pepper.
It felt great to know that, despite a major tantrum earlier in the day regarding cilantro (which I don't like either, frankly) he was excited to join me in a little crunchy delicious veggie for a bedtime snack.
Head on over to Ginny's for more books and yarny goodness.


  1. Uh, I think I lost my first comment, so I'm trying again. I would have eliminated the eyelets as well. I love the way the yoke is created and it is knitting up so pretty!

  2. I'm going to see if my library has that book. I regret some of the ways we've handled food with our kids--still working to turn some of that around!

  3. They say you either love cilantro or hate it... so...
    That being said I consider it a huge success to get him to eat a veggie ;)
    The knitting looks lovely!

  4. I'm loving what you are knitting. Very pretty. I love cilantro, but we know it as coriander over here. The books sounds like a fun read. Jacinta