Sunday, October 18, 2015

One More Mask

A couple of weeks ago I made up some Halloween masks for a felt class that was coming up, and today was the day. 
Part of my lesson today was how to modify patterns to your own needs. I took a pattern I found online and modified it from an owl into a fox, and further altered it as a cat. 
My class ran with that idea and made a bird, a butterfly and a snow leopard. I wish I had taken photos, all of the students really did beautiful work.
My family surprised me at the end of the class, and The Youngest asked if she could make a cat mask, how could I say no.
We started in once we had walked home (can I say how great it is to live so close to work? It's great, really great) and she did a wonderful job helping me sew.

Little dimpled hands working away with a needle never gets old.

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