Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As I was shopping for halloween costume material at the thrift store today I hit the jackpot!
An American Girl doll for $5.If I had to guess, I'd say Samantha, though she's dressed a little like a lady of the evening.
Since we'll have a 7th birthday in December, I thought what better thing to do than get an outfit or two, books and maybe a cheesy day out with her doll.
What I hadn't realized is that the original girls are all discontinued.
This may take a little more thought.
I guess I can scour ebay from now until then.

I suppose that since I do actually know how to sew, I could make her some outfits.

I could even call this a Laura Ingalls Doll, come to think of it, and make her some prairie clothes.

Clearly I am thinking aloud...

The weather here has continued to dazzle, so I may just leave the sewing and/or agonizing about what to do with this new friend for the Elder, until later.
Time for a walk in the woods!


  1. only $5 for an American Girl doll??? what a fabulous deal ! there are books filled with American Girl doll sewing patterns (Textile Center library in Mpls has some/most of those books) & there are free knitting patterns @ ravelry for American Girl dolls, too... check them out

  2. Since i live in England, and have boys i'm not too familliar with 'American Girl' but i did see them on John and Kate Plus Eight once so i kind of get the idea of their popularity. Anyhoo, well done on the find, i'm thinking you're going to have one happy girl.

    X X