Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Things

I have been finishing up little projects lately.
Last year when I made Siobhan, a doll for the Elder, I wasn't ever very happy with her face.
She always looked a little too mischievous, or even homicidal if I really look at her. It was the eyes, I have always had trouble with eyes. This summer, however, I learned a new technique which makes a circle every time, and I gave Siobhan a little plastic, or cotton, surgery.I used a Spider Web embroidered eye, which is sorta like this video, except I only used 5 spokes, and I just went over and under, and over and under until the whole circle was full.
It took about a half hour, and she was good as new, if not better since she wasn't quite so scary.

In other crafts, I am also doing some knitting and weaving to build up some stock for a craft sale coming up in December.
I have 2 scarves woven and I have this grand plan to make matching hats so I can sell sets.

Today I finished up a hat, and I am pretty happy with it, other than the fact that the pattern doesn't show up that well in the color/texture of this yarn.
I am using a pattern of my own, and it's all still in the experimental stages as far as the ideal yarn, needles, sizing, etc.

I think I will start a sweater for myself soon, though I do have some important mitten knitting to get busy with as well; those kids of mine don't want frozen fingers this fall/winter.


  1. Your crafting is so impressive! You inspire I just need to actually make the time to do it! What show do you do in Dec?


    I love the subtlety in the brown hat, by the way. I think it is lovely.

  2. I always have trouble with eyes too. My most recent attempt was an asterisk with about 12 crossy bits, then a regular three bared asterisk in the middle. That worked *okay* but not great. I'll have to try the spider web embroidery next time. I would worry that it wouldn't be sturdy enough for a small child though?