Saturday, October 23, 2010


Whew, this week has been busy!

Saturday, one of my oldest friends had a thrilling voice recital.
She was wonderful, and the music was beautiful.
She has really inspired me, I think this will be the year that I actually put together a recital of my own, I have said that in the past, but I have a fire in my belly now.

Sunday, my lovely husband and I went to see Gorillaz at the Target Center, and it was an amazing show. They are touring with an insane number of artists: 7 strings, 8 brass players, a traditional Arab Music ensemble, De La Soul, Bobby Womack...
I can't begin to describe my experience, it was just so good.

I had 2 rehearsals this week for the concert tonight. The dress rehearsal was on Thursday, and I was reminded how much I love Faure, and singing with an orchestra, and singing with this very talented group of singers.
Faure's Requiem has been scored in such an interesting way.
The orchestra is made up of violas, cellos, bassoons, horns, harp, organ and one violin.
All of these instruments are so warm and they play in a range close to the human voice, it all blends so well, and it's really like getting a musical hug. (sorry for the cheese, just there) The violin only plays for a couple of movements, and when it comes in it floats over the top in an ethereal solo line. It just takes your breath away.
I am really excited to sing tonight, it will be a beautiful night.

In addition to this great music in my life, I'm also teaching another kids' sewing class this week.
Here in MN we had Thursday and Friday off from school, so Treadle planned a kids' class during that time.
It's been fun, the girls are eager to work, though sometimes they need a little re-direction back to their projects, and we're having a good time!

On top of all of that fun stuff, I am also teaching two knitting classes, two days of choir school, piano lessons and Brian goes out of town next week, and then we have the final preparations for Halloween.

Excuse me while I just catch my breath.

You all know how I hate photo-less posts, so here is a little Fall color from my magical walk a couple of weeks ago. Most of this is past its prime, but we can still pretend.

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  1. any photos of the fun things you're making in the knitting & sewing classes ? would love to see...