Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween, ahead of schedule

Even though I love to sew, I don't usually make the kids their Halloween costumes.
It's just so much easier to go to Once Upon a Child and get a used one for $10.
This year we had some specific requests for costumes, Wolverine and Laura Ingalls.
Well, I had the beginnings of a Laura Ingalls costume, so I suggested that one, but she agreed whole-heartedly.
Making these costumes actually ended up being cheaper than buying them. The tally is even better if one counts stash fabric as free, and a pattern that can be used again as half of its value.
The Younger's Wolverine costume is made from 2 oversized adult sweatshirts that I got at the Thrift store, around $7.
The Elder's entire outfit came from my stash, so her costume was free!
My two favorite things today -
Laura loves to rake as much as my Elder doesand this -

I really couldn't get a still photo of him, he is really into posing as Wolverine.
I don't have the gloves with the "thorns" yet, but I do have the materials so they should be finished by the big day.

They are off to the Zoo Boo, so they can take the costumes out for a test drive.

Any big holiday sewing in your future?


  1. Those costumes are brilliant! I love the Laura Ingles, i used to love Little House on the Prarie when i was a girl.

    X X

  2. oh my jess!! you sure have a talent with costume design...lucky kids...mine just change the color of ghost every year, (as in we just change the sheet we toss over their heads) to keeps things interesting.

  3. Love the costumes! I don't sew anything, not even buttons, so my poor kids will never have a homemade costume. (My husband is a physician and learned how to 'sew' (suture) in medical school, so he does any necessary sewing around here.) Abbott's going to be Harry Potter, and Cal's going to be a bottle of root beer. I don't think he's ever had root beer or much of any soda, but he saw the costume at pottery barn kids & loved it.

  4. They look fabulous! I can't wait to show my Henry the pictures. He will love both so much! (He's IronMan himself this year... thank you Target sale.) But he will love the Laura costume as we've read the whole series. You rock!

  5. Jess, those costumes are great!! You constantly amaze me


  6. Thanks, Ladies, you know how to make a girl's day!