Monday, October 4, 2010

Spelling Flip Book

I was perusing flickr the other day, and I saw an antique spelling flip chart that someone found at a thrift store.
I would link to the original, but I forgot who posted it originally...
Anyway, I thought "Self, you should make some of those."
Into the car, off to Kinko's, purchase some card stock and loose leaf rings, and here is the first one finished.
ing words -You get the idea...
I also have the makings for books of ame, an, at, ay, in, ink and it words.
This may be a project to return to Kinko's to finish, however, because I am rubbish at cutting straight lines, and there are a lot of little letters to cut out.
Time for the big paper cutter, I think.


  1. Great idea! Kind of funny, I know I have that blog on my reader as well, and can't remember who posted it either 8-)

  2. Jess, that is pure genius. If i had small children then i would make some myself.

    X X

  3. You can borrow one of my paper cutters, if you would like.

  4. Cool. I've been wanting to make a little wooden letter twist puzzle for spelling words sort of like this.