Sunday, October 24, 2010

Class Projects

Saganaga asked yesterday what kind of things I am making with my classes, so here is the class project post.
I was teaching a Beginning Knitting class, where we made basic 2-needle mittens.
I didn't get any photos of that class, it ended on Tuesday, but the ladies in my class all did quite well!
Today, I taught a Norwegian Mitten class.
This is the second session, so we did a lot of organizing of our needles and chart reading tips, and the ladies in that class were well on their way when we finished for the day.
I am making a pair of mittens for both of the kids, and I started the pair for the Elder today during class.
She requested a pattern of hearts and reindeer, and chose the yarn herself.
This cuff pattern comes from the Fancy Fair Isle sweater pattern from Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor.
I bought the book when I was pregnant with the Younger, fully intending to make a sweater or romper for him, and haven't made any of the amazingly cute things in it.
The Younger picked out greens and blue, and asked for a pair of dragon mittens. I haven't found the perfect dragon chart yet, so I may have to draw one myself.

I digress, back to the classes.
The sewing class I taught at Treadle was a beginning class for kids, and we made lots of different projects.
The first day we concentrated on hand sewing, and we made these barrettes inspired by the Angry Chicken.
We also made needle books, which we were able to keep working on for the next few days.
I always like to have something for the girls to work on if one person gets ahead of her classmates.
We also made basic pillowcases and these backpacks.This one was a big hit with the Younger.

The class went pretty well, the ladies got their projects finished, and I hope, left feeling much more confident about sewing.

What kind of things are you sewing or knitting?


  1. Oooh, you've been busy! I love the needle holders. I think I need to make one. The backpack fabric is adorable.

  2. You're working on lots of neat projects!

  3. oh, i love posts like this ! that Norwegian mitten class sounds fabulous. don't you love it when your children get involved & request certain things, colors for the item you're making them? & thanks for reminding me that i've been meaning to make some of those Angry Chicken barettes :)